Writing Again

The move was a complete success! Two of my younger brothers flew up to help me move everything. They are the real MVPs that made the whole ordeal feasible! My hand is almost completely healed so I'll be starting up with illustrating again tonight!!

I can't even begin to describe just how much growth there has been here in Utah since we last lived here. Apparently, I had left the creative writing side of myself here after we moved back to Southern California all those years ago. Since yesterday I've been working on a story and I'm currently 3,541 words in starting from scratch. Well technically, I thought up the characters during our time in Washington and made notes but the document hardly had anything on it for several months. I come back to Utah and suddenly I'm an aspiring writer again. Must be something in the water.

There's a severe lack of anything with the Bushiroad brand out here and it's slowly eating away at me. This place desperately needs a Sunken Treasures Games! There's a severe drought of Otaku culture and I'm drowning in western fantasy and renaissance. Socal had the best balance, but maybe it's because I grew up there and knew where to go looking for what I wanted. Regardless, I have the internet and that'll get me by.

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