So much to go over and yet I have no idea where to begin. It's also, literally, painful for me to type so I want to keep it brief but that's not going to happen so...

My right hand hurts like hell. I injured it a bit ago, just shy of breaking it. Actually... I might have fractured something, but who knows. I have a high pain tolerance and I'm stubborn. Not a good combination but it is what it is.

Reminiscent of the first time I had the infection in my foot, mobility became something I valued and appreciated. I've never hurt my primary hand to this extent before. When this hand trauma was fresh a single left click on the mouse sent a fiery surge of fuck you through my metacarpals and enveloped my wrist. Drawing and gaming was something I couldn't do for a while.

Obviously, now it's not nearly as bad as I'm typing this out. Stretching, low intensity gaming with a gamepad and using the mouse have been my primary forms of physical therapy. I no longer own baoding balls but playing Tree of Savior is a much more entertaining method of recouping. I'm also happy to report that it doesn't hurt so much when drawing anymore, so I'm looking to get as much done within the next couple of weeks as possible. Why? Because I'm moving. Again.


But Dood, didn't you just buy a house? Yeah!! We sure did! All 2,300+ square feet of beautiful homey goodness but we're relocating to another state, into an apartment just over 1k square feet and, oh boy, get this... The rent for this two bedroom apartment is almost exactly the same as the mortgage for our 5-6 bedroom house.

My waifu is a property manager. She's been in the business for nearly a decade, so we're fully aware of just how funky real estate can be. That still doesn't lessen the amount of WTFery we're facing here. My family has loved the time we've spent here in Washington, but we're cautiously optimistic about the move and the uncertain future.

And the cramping in my hand tells me I'm done for now.

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