Christmas was fun, but...

Ooouuuch!! My tailbone is so damn sore! Sitting in a car for 20+ hours, good times can be had and they were, but it sure as hell takes its toll on you. And then there's the return trip that took even longer because of the snow storm and all the ice it left behind! I woke up this morning and my back was sore as fuck! Still had to get up early, do the thing, buy groceries and pretty much get the gears back in motion.

So this is me doing stuff again! My thought process is completely fried, mostly because I find myself up hours past midnight again, but I wanted to post an update because I've been mostly inactive this month and that needs to change immediately! So here I am posting on this blog I keep forgetting I have and GODDAMMIT!! I forgot to wash the dishes... AGAIN!!!


Going to bed.

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