October Already!?

That was my desk earlier this past weekend...

Piecing together a deck is one of my favorite things to do in the world of TCGs. Nothing against net decking, but whenever a new set is released I intentionally avoid reading deck recipes until I've had some time to play around with my own home brew concoctions. Haven't had the chance to test my decks at my local game shops yet, but I will sooner than later!

Been crazy busy in the studio! Commissions are wrapping up, so I'm expecting to reopen the queue in a month or so. I'm wrapping up projects I took on earlier this month but there are a couple new ones that have me very excited! One of them happens to be an event that I'm totally stoked for, but I can't disclose anything about it just yet. XD

And with that declaration of unspecified exhilaration I'm calling it a night, because when I started this post it was September... now it's October... Already!? I love Halloween!!

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