Guardian Legends: GL1/01

Alright, it's finally done! It took a while, but my first playmat design has been completed, and it's the most ambitious illustration I've done in a long time.

GL1/01 Completed

What took forever with this one was the amount of detail I tried cramming into each card in the background (and foreground). I actually had to tone down the detail work so the focus could still easily fall upon the two central characters, the ivory and ebon queens.

This series of illustrations, which I'm calling Guardian Legends, will host a variety of fantastical heroes, miscreants and creatures pulled from my vast library of original characters and stories; many of which have been on the back burner for longer than I'd like to admit.

I've already submitted the design to the printers so I should have a physical sample sometime next week. If all goes well, and no further adjustments are required to achieve optimal prints, I should be ready to start up a Kickstarter campaign to get playmats to interested players.

As I mentioned in my previous post, I want to start small and humble, so this is going to be the only design available during the first run. But next time around, regardless whether this one's a hit or miss, I'll have more options available for gamers to choose from. But for now, the waiting game...

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