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Still alive! Working and loving it!

Sorry for the lack of updates over these past couple months, I've been real busy working. My freelance and personal illustration work take up all my work time and family and Vanguard takes up the rest. That's probably the most notable development in my life aside from the work I've been doing; I've become obsessed with CARDFIGHT!! Vanguard and have dragged my family into the hobby with me.

My renewed interest in cards has led me to begin designing my own TCG accessories, specifically playmats. And that is the big personal project I've taken up. I'm going to try to get a Kickstarter going once my design has been completed and see if my playmat garners a following. I'll produce stickers, trading cards and prints for incentives but I want to keep the first project small and humble, with a single design. I'll do multiple designs if this first one is successful, but I don't want to try anything too ambitious for my first outing. At least there won't be any risks involved in delivering the actual product.


I also have a number of illustrations done that I can't share just yet due to NDAs. Hopefully I'll be able to post those to my deviantART gallery sooner than later... but that latest DA update to the UI... ugh... not a fan. I've adjusted but I'm still not liking it. I can appreciate the attempt to streamline the experience, dumbing it down for, well, whatever audience they felt the need to dumb it down for. But sacrificing functionality for the sake of simpler presentation isn't good. You have to, at least, retain all functionality, or offer options. I've heard some people even stopped using DA as a result, and that sucks.

Anyway, I'll keep you guys posted with any new developments. Until next time! XD

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