My wife loves to travel, she gets restless if we don't leave the state every few months or so. I've always been content to stay at home day and night so in the beginning there was a bit of a struggle, lol, but I'm a real passive person so I learned to roll with it. At the beginning of this past week my wife had one of her spontaneous let's GTFO of California moments. Las Vegas, here we come!

It was my first time actually stopping and staying in Vegas. We've taken several family trips to Nevada, Arizona and Utah so I've passed through Vegas numerous times but I never actually stepped foot on The Strip until a few days ago. It was a great vacation! One of my younger brothers came with us, we caught a show, gambled, won, ate and a had a good time! The trip paid for itself, actually, we came home with more money than we left with. But now it's back to work, and while our time in Vegas was awesome I couldn't be happier reuniting with my tablet.

Truth be told, I actually did take my work with me to Vegas, thinking I'd be able to work some during the restful hours of our vacation. In total, I think I was able to get a single fill mask completed...

Regardless, I'm back and getting back to work! Got a couple of works in progress to share, one being the Nina commission I'm still working on and another being a card game template using a currently unreleased illustration of mine. More info to come on that project at a later time. XD

Oh yeah, before heading out earlier this week I opened up a Flickr account to upload WIP images. Makes it easier to keep track of things. :)

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