Editing Woes, SGDQ and Samurai Troopers

I've been so off my game today. It started this morning when I tried prepping my Q&A video for export and ended up wasting over a couple hours as the video processed in the wrong format. I wondered why it was taking longer than usual but didn't bother investigating the matter. Once I realized the error of my ways I corrected the format and processed it again, which took the usual hour or so and then proceeded to upload to Youtube, which usually takes about a good hour as well. The video's a little over fifty minutes long so it takes a while...

Once that's done Youtube counters me with a warning, the audio for my Q&A video has been completely muted because of some music tracks that are playing in the background. So I'm just a little frustrated now, and my body's aching but in a good way. I got some real good weight lifting done earlier this evening, arms and chest, and I'm really feeling it. So at least I did that right, hah!

So as of now, as I struggle to type this out with my hands that are connected to my arms that feel like dead weight, I'm waiting for the Q&A video to process through the media encoder so I can then start waiting for it to process onto Youtube.

Lucky for me SGDQ (Summer Games Done Quick) started up yesterday and I can enjoy it during my downtime. They're already pulling in a considerable amount of money for their charitable cause, major props to the organizers and all the speedrunners participating in the event. I, myself, am playing Suikoden with the intent to carry on through Suikoden II. It's been too long since I last played these RPG masterpieces, and in a way that's a good thing because I can experience them again with a fresh palette.

As a retrogaming enthusiast and collector surrounded by his video game library nostalgia is a constant sensation, but it hit me harder than usual last week and conjured up fond memories of old anime favorites; In particular, Ronin Warriors and Sailor Moon.

Yoroiden Samurai Troopers, known as Ronin Warriors in the west, was one of the first localized episodic anime series that I followed as a kid. I'm not certain what triggered the memories but it prompted me to start watching it again. And despite the horrible dialogue I'm enjoying the dubbed version, haha!

So I thought it'd be a fun little project to start up a small collection of fan art of the anime and manga that influenced my childhood. Quite a few of my all-time favorites have been forgotten and that's just unacceptable! So here's a preview of the first piece of my anime/manga nostalgia collection, Anubis/Shuten Doji!


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