Battle Maiden Arcadia #3

Battle Maiden Arcadia #3 by ~KeungLee on deviantART

Holy wow... an entire year has nearly passed since I first sketched this piece. After my last move we had to wait a couple weeks before we could move in to our home. During the downtime I decided to start up that Battle Maiden Arcadia/Ryona Sketchbook site that I maintained for a few good months. Judging by the view count this was one of the most popular sketches on the site. I had to crop the whole image to fit it into the cover, unfortunately, cutting out Scarlet and the gas chamber chair entirely.

This illustration was originally titled Rebel Interrogation. It's obviously inspired by the gas chamber event in Final Fantasy VII, granted Irina had nothing to do with it. The concept of Tifa and Irina being rivals came from a series of illustrations I found (back in '99, I think, jeez) by Japanese artist Kaiketsu Pluto. Truth be told, he's one of the first artists I discovered online. I check up on Tenkaimei Crisis every now an' then. It's updated almost on an annually basis now, lol, but it's one of the first influences on my art. So much so at the time, in fact, I had a whole folder full of Sailor Mercury vs. sketches.

So that makes three covers so far, and I'm already starting to see some progress! Yay! Eventually I'd like to compile the covers images, the full versions, and put 'em into an art book. That's the vision, at least. We'll see what happens!

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