Blackouts Suck!

A lot's happened this past week and there's so much I want to write about but not only am I limited on time but I've had to endure three blackouts since yesterday. Anyone who uses a desktop computer can attest to just how aggravating it is to lose progress and data when your power is suddenly cut off... If I wasn't so broke I'd purchase a UPS power strip in a heartbeat! Even better, solar panels!!

Seeing as how my computer could possibly shut off by the time I finish typing this sentence... ... ... I'm going to type this out as fast as I can!

Evo was awesome! I wasn't there in person but I was fortunate enough to catch most of the action and all the big match ups on the stream. The competition was fierce and there were some very clutch, heart-stopping matches that really made the crowd come alive (the exception being the snoozefest that was Injustice). Can you imagine how the players themselves must have felt!? The camaraderie and excellent sportsmanship exhibited by a large number of the players on stage was also beautiful. Sodium levels inevitably would rise with all the stress and tension of a major the major tournament of the year, but I was proud of the FGC to see most of the matches ended, at least superficially, on more of a sweet than bitter note. Stay classy!

Hell, Kotaku even covered some of the big highlights, like Wong's amazing comeback during UMvC3 top 8, and PR Rog (the hero of the tournament in my book) in SSFIV AE up until that crazy match up against Infiltration's Hakan. I'd provide hyperlinks but, like I mentioned earlier, I'm in a hurry!

Anyway, that's my rant for today. On a side note, work on my doujinshi is coming along nicely! Until next time!!

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