New web comic coming in October

Elise Shibata
A month ago I started writing again and I've been able to successfully flesh out the beginnings of a story and develop characters that I've had on the back burner for a couple years. It comes as no surprise to those who follow my illustrative works that I've been a professional wrestling fan since I was a child and that the sport has had a huge influence on my artistic career.

I think I've finally come up with the story I've been wanting to tell for a while now, rooted in the spirit of pro wrestling!

My upcoming web comic is called Ehrgeiz, and will primarily focus on the life of an upstart named Elise Shibata who lives in Zircon City. Pro wrestling is the premiere attraction of the city and Elise has aspired from a very young age to become a part of the business that her father helped establish.

However, due to the inscrutable circumstances of her father's death and the cutthroat nature of the business, Elise must first find a way to persuade her doting mother to allow her to follow in her father's footsteps.

I'm working to get the comic up and running next month, October 2016. I'm going to have to design a website but that's really the only obstacle that I foresee prior to launching the comic. I already have three encompassing story arcs in mind and the first couple pages already drawn up.

The comic will be in English, but manga format, black and white, with panels flowing from right to left. I'm not nearly fast enough to match a weekly serialized mangaka, who put out over a dozen pages per week, so for now I'm planning on weekly installments of 2-3 pages. We'll see how that works out.

Higashi Pro Wrestling

The comic will be free, of course! I might try to add in some Patreon incentives but right now I'm mostly concerned with just producing enough content to finally launch the website. Anyway, that's all I can share for now! I'll keep you guys posted on my blog here.

Higashi Pro Logo


Writing Again

The move was a complete success! Two of my younger brothers flew up to help me move everything. They are the real MVPs that made the whole ordeal feasible! My hand is almost completely healed so I'll be starting up with illustrating again tonight!!

I can't even begin to describe just how much growth there has been here in Utah since we last lived here. Apparently, I had left the creative writing side of myself here after we moved back to Southern California all those years ago. Since yesterday I've been working on a story and I'm currently 3,541 words in starting from scratch. Well technically, I thought up the characters during our time in Washington and made notes but the document hardly had anything on it for several months. I come back to Utah and suddenly I'm an aspiring writer again. Must be something in the water.

There's a severe lack of anything with the Bushiroad brand out here and it's slowly eating away at me. This place desperately needs a Sunken Treasures Games! There's a severe drought of Otaku culture and I'm drowning in western fantasy and renaissance. Socal had the best balance, but maybe it's because I grew up there and knew where to go looking for what I wanted. Regardless, I have the internet and that'll get me by.



So much to go over and yet I have no idea where to begin. It's also, literally, painful for me to type so I want to keep it brief but that's not going to happen so...

My right hand hurts like hell. I injured it a bit ago, just shy of breaking it. Actually... I might have fractured something, but who knows. I have a high pain tolerance and I'm stubborn. Not a good combination but it is what it is.

Reminiscent of the first time I had the infection in my foot, mobility became something I valued and appreciated. I've never hurt my primary hand to this extent before. When this hand trauma was fresh a single left click on the mouse sent a fiery surge of fuck you through my metacarpals and enveloped my wrist. Drawing and gaming was something I couldn't do for a while.

Obviously, now it's not nearly as bad as I'm typing this out. Stretching, low intensity gaming with a gamepad and using the mouse have been my primary forms of physical therapy. I no longer own baoding balls but playing Tree of Savior is a much more entertaining method of recouping. I'm also happy to report that it doesn't hurt so much when drawing anymore, so I'm looking to get as much done within the next couple of weeks as possible. Why? Because I'm moving. Again.


But Dood, didn't you just buy a house? Yeah!! We sure did! All 2,300+ square feet of beautiful homey goodness but we're relocating to another state, into an apartment just over 1k square feet and, oh boy, get this... The rent for this two bedroom apartment is almost exactly the same as the mortgage for our 5-6 bedroom house.

My waifu is a property manager. She's been in the business for nearly a decade, so we're fully aware of just how funky real estate can be. That still doesn't lessen the amount of WTFery we're facing here. My family has loved the time we've spent here in Washington, but we're cautiously optimistic about the move and the uncertain future.

And the cramping in my hand tells me I'm done for now.


Christmas was fun, but...

Ooouuuch!! My tailbone is so damn sore! Sitting in a car for 20+ hours, good times can be had and they were, but it sure as hell takes its toll on you. And then there's the return trip that took even longer because of the snow storm and all the ice it left behind! I woke up this morning and my back was sore as fuck! Still had to get up early, do the thing, buy groceries and pretty much get the gears back in motion.

So this is me doing stuff again! My thought process is completely fried, mostly because I find myself up hours past midnight again, but I wanted to post an update because I've been mostly inactive this month and that needs to change immediately! So here I am posting on this blog I keep forgetting I have and GODDAMMIT!! I forgot to wash the dishes... AGAIN!!!


Going to bed.



I was planning on working throughout the night and getting ahead in work but then the thing happened today... And by the thing I mean everything! Not that it was a bad day, quite the contrary. We've just signed the title to our house, we should be getting the keys Monday and we now have a new addition to our family!

Little Honma! We had planned on getting a pup, I just didn't think it would be so soon! I was peeved at first that my wife had been keeping this from me for about a month now, but also a little proud because she actually kept it secret for that long. Our backyard doesn't even have a fence yet FFS but after she told me about the adoption process, paperwork and how fast these little guys find homes I was like whatevs, I can't say no at this point, right? The moment his little head popped up from behind the counter I lost all control of my facial muscles, felt my mouth drop for the inaudible, "AAAAWWWW!" and in my mind I was like fuck... I'm holding him during the drive home and that's the bottom line because I said so!!

He got a little car sick and just as we were entering Kennewick he threw up on me. I didn't mind, lol, Kiddo had a hard time staying in his seat for obvious reasons. But yeah... we've got everything we need for him, luckily the pet shops were having some great clearance sales, so everything was pretty much clockwork.

We went out and had dinner with our best friends, played Force of Will and just had a blast tonight. I'm going to give myself the rest of the night off to get some rest so I can tackle work head on tomorrow. Despite the SFV 2nd beta happening right now, I'm really eager to put the stylus to the tablet!


October Already!?

That was my desk earlier this past weekend...

Piecing together a deck is one of my favorite things to do in the world of TCGs. Nothing against net decking, but whenever a new set is released I intentionally avoid reading deck recipes until I've had some time to play around with my own home brew concoctions. Haven't had the chance to test my decks at my local game shops yet, but I will sooner than later!

Been crazy busy in the studio! Commissions are wrapping up, so I'm expecting to reopen the queue in a month or so. I'm wrapping up projects I took on earlier this month but there are a couple new ones that have me very excited! One of them happens to be an event that I'm totally stoked for, but I can't disclose anything about it just yet. XD

And with that declaration of unspecified exhilaration I'm calling it a night, because when I started this post it was September... now it's October... Already!? I love Halloween!!


ただいま, I'm home!

With my LGS, Sunken Treasures, stocking up on Fire Emblem Cipher I really need to review and improve my Japanese!

Lot of new and exciting things happening IRL right now, it's almost surreal just how things are starting to click for me and my family. The biggest news being the seller of the house we wanted has accepted our bid and we're entering into the final phase of becoming homeowners! My wife and I are cautiously elated; we're holding off on the fanfare until the keys are actually in our hands.

Richland is beautiful! It didn't take long for us to settle into our new locale and we've quickly grown to love it more than anywhere else we've lived before. For the first time ever, I actually know my way around the city better than my wife does! This' a pretty big deal, as I have as much directional sense as Hibiki Ryoga does... I don't suspect this will be the case for very long, but for the time being it's pretty cool being the navigator! XD

I have a couple of art videos in the works, one of which I should have up next week. It's taking me a bit longer to complete drawings lately. I started inking a commission just last night and, though I completed it, it took me a lot longer than usual to finish. Naturally the result is I'm achieving much tighter and refined detail, at the cost of investing more time per illustration. Now the goal is to maintain this level at a faster speed.

Nothing else to report. Thanks for visiting and until next time, have a good one!